Polyethylene Group


This product range, which has high quality standards, is developed towards technical needings of our customers are separated into two main groups.

EcoPro-ER products are in the first group which comprise of raw materials obtained from recycled plastic wastes produced by polyethylene (LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE etc.).

EcoPro-EC products are in the other group that contain compounds which are produced with recycled polyethylene which have different additives such as calcite, talc, glass fiber. Variety of products in this group has been increased with new product developments towards requirements and expectations of customers in time.

EcoPro – ER Technical Data Sheets Of Recycled PE Waste Products

REA0001 Transparent Low Density Polyethylene » tds_jpg_icon tds_pdf_icon

REA1001 White Low Density Polyethylene » tds_jpg_icon tds_pdf_icon

EcoPro – EC Technical Data Sheets Of Compound Products

HDPE NATURAL COMPOUND Natural High Density Polyethylene » tds_jpg_icon tds_pdf_icon