It was founded in 1982 by Hayrettin Baltacı.Then the company started recycle proceeding from industrial product wastage in 1997. Atilla Baltacı joined the firm in 2005, the company moved the new factory which is built 10.000 m2 closed area with the name of PoliPro Plastik. The same year,the company started to produce compound products from the recycled raw materials and they established the laboratory of polymer.


Today, PoliPro Plastic which covers 10.000 m2 closed area, goes on commercial activity. The company includes 5 production lines, 50 personels which 8 of them are R-D, annually 12.000 tones situated capasity an done developed laboratory.

The company products recycled polypropylene raw materials by having TDS which has international validity and depends on these values.Alsa the company is one and only because at international era, it constitues the highest sensibility in analysis certificate. We are proud of the higher than 95% in Prime polypropylene compound values at the production of polypropylene compunds. The biggest advantage is our recycled compound integration which is so rare.

We work with the most prestigious car brands. Compound and recycled raw materials are used international and external parts of cars. It is the result of timing and production sensibility.The company add the new masterbatch production and process remedial. These masterbaches required advances skill R-D and high production technology with the cooperations of universities, the university students who apply their educations in R-D laboratories, the recycled lectures which is given in universities, the R-D projects which carry out with industrial partners, and R-D projects are supported international and national make us vigorous, progressive and explaratory.

Our aim is to reclaim polymers which seem impossible to recycle because of their composite structures and eliminated by burning, bring in raw materials the upper cycle by turning into and advantage from contamination to modification with the help of progressive, scientific and technological approach. So the necessity of underground sourcess will decrease. Also by using 20% of energy which is necessary for unit polymer production, subsituted raw materials will be acquired even it has started.