Polipro Plastic has a variety of product range as grouping EcoPro-P, EcoPro-E, EcoPro-M. EcoPro-P group product range based on PP, EcoPro-E group product range based on LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, EcoPro-M also group product range based on PS, ABS, PA6 or PA66 compound products. These compounds formulate according to general and customer expectations and are products comprising of mineral additives in different types and proportionalities. But, they are substaintiated plastics of feedback of 100 % of carriers.

Our comany as well as compounds based on feedback can also produce compounds based original raw material towards customer expectations. Moreover, to the results of R&D and inovation works in the last terms has covered different and high value-added products such as compounds based on elastomers possessing different hardness and technic properties in the range of Elaspro product and masterbatches or Nanoclay masterbatches for increase of MFI in the range of MasterPro product.